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If you're looking for events in East Devon then you've come to the right place! HUBCAST makes it easy to find, share and add events near you.
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Our website

www.hubcast.co.uk is a free-to-use website, created by East Devon Coast and Country Ltd, which allows any organisation to add/edit/delete events in their own time.

Contacting us about this privacy policy

If you have any questions about these policies please call 01395 513383.

Information we have collected about you/your organisation

For each organisation we collect the following:

  • Organisation name
  • Name of the event administrator
  • An email
  • A contact phone number
  • An address (either 'Care of' or 'venue location')
  • A password of choice
  • A secondary contact email (if applicable)
  • Type of business/organisation
  • A logo for your organisation
  • Organisation activities (for example Art or Choirs)

How we use your information

We collect the above information to keep in touch with information we believe is relevant, help the event adding process, keep our system up-to-date and some information is used on the public side of the website for usability. The following is accessible to the public:

  • Organisation name – for website users to find your club/society/business etc.
  • A contact phone number – only if the privacy option is unticked under 'profile'
  • An address – so people can contact/find venue location/go to your event
  • A logo for your organisation – to help usability for users
  • Organisation activities – to aid users to find organisations that are relevant to their interests

3rd Parties

We will never sell your information on to 3rd parties.

Partner publications/affiliates

For any publishing company/affiliate we allow to download event information, we verify if they are a genuine company initially. If we deem the company will use event data for their publication purposes, we give them an access login for their relevant area/region. This access can be revoked at any time.

We share event information with relevant companies to allow for organisations to get more exposure for using our service.


HUBCAST uses cookies to help your browsing experience.

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