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What's on in East Devon

Welcome to the most comprehensive event listings website for the East Devon area. Everything you need for a great day out is right here! HubCast makes it easy to find, promote and share events.

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How your organisation benefits

Over the year, thousands of public access events are staged across the region. Massive effort is put into these events by organisers, so it's vitally important to ensure that as large an audience as possible gets to hear of your events. Staging an event that nobody gets to hear about can be disastrous.

That's why the EventHub is so valuable to your organisation - when you enter your events, not only do they appear within local EventHub websites (in some cases 2,3 or 4 of these HUBs), but also within local magazine/newspaper listings because we supply your event data free to many publications who are grateful for this service as it saves them the cost of compiling events for their publication.

Our network of print and web publishers is steadily growing, which means even greater exposure for your events. One thing's for sure, you can't afford to miss getting your events into EventHub.